Top 5 Best Portable Label Maker

Portable Label Maker

A fantastic label maker can be portable and handheld, attached to an own computer via USB, or somewhere in between. But it must print superior tags which are readable and last, whether they are in a filing cabinet, your pantry, or your freezer. This week we’re looking at five of the best, based on your recommendations.

1. DYMO Rhino Industrial 4200

DYMO Rhino Industrial

The DYMO Rhino Industrial 4200 is the best label maker on the market. This label maker includes a library of over 150 symbols as well as all the standard letters and numbers you require and can do all of it in a worksite-friendly bundle with an easy to use QWERTY  keyboard and LCD screen. The Rhino 4200 can also print more standard black – on – white or black – on – clear labels. You can directly print on vinyl, and polyester, or perhaps right onto theheat-shrink tubing. It also works with DYMO’s array of industrial tags, which provides you with a little more flexibility in the sort of material you use to label your stuff.

 2. Epson LW-300

Epson’s LW-300 is a family label maker. It is capable of printing fast in over 14 unique fonts, including ten different text styles, over 300 built-in symbols, 75 different tags “frames,” and much more. The LW-300 has built in memory which supports 30 different “files,” or tags you can call up and print fast without needing to re-enter those labels’ design, contents, and font.

It is comfortable to use two-handed, includes a QWERTY keyboard, an LCD screen, and does everything free of a computer, so you don’t have to plug it in your PC for whatever. It’s capable of printing two layered labels, supports specialty labels like reflective tapes, iron on labels, and decorative tapes, and it is small enough so you can take everywhere, whether you are using it in the kitchen to label containers or you are at the office labeling file folders.

3. Brother PT90

The Brother PT-90 is a simple to use label manufacturer that won’t violate the bank, and that gets the work done without a lot of additional bells and whistles. The easy screen is a one-line display along with the best label maker er itself includes a comfortable QWERTY keyboard that makes lettering and numbering your labels simple. It’s designed mostly for home office application, even though the labels may be used for organizing kitchen cabinets.

It even supports a few laminated and non-laminated tape types, so if you’re looking for a label that will stand the test of time, then you can have it. If you’re not in the market for a more complicated model with tons of symbols or features, this might be the one for you.

4. DYMO Letra TagPlus LT-100H

Unlike wider, more robust models, this one utilizes easy, top-loading replaceable tape and bottom-loading replaceable batteries, and is designed securely for small office or household use. The LetraTag’s huge LCD screen is a nice feature. It let you switch between the five distinct built-in font sizes, seven print styles, different box and frame designs, and entrances in its 9-label internal memory.

It can even print your label using a date stamp, or Singapore Vinyl Floor offers you the complexity and surfaces of normal hardwood publish in three different languages.

The LetraTag LT cassette comes in plastic, metallic, laminated, as well as magnetic and iron-on tag varieties.

so you can choose a tape and then load it immediately based on what you need to do.

5. Brother P-Touch PT-1230PC

If you want a label manufacturer that links to your PC and can print from just about any application, or will need to print barcodes, the P-Touch PT-1230PC might be a great option for you. It is a small, easy USB label printer that’s small enough to fit just about everywhere besides your PC. AAA batteries power it, so you don’t have to plug it into a powered USB port. This label printer prints 12mm, laminated labels, and writes them pretty quickly.